08 February 2011

Going Gets Tough Gets Going

It is said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. In the case of ape, it's more of a case of keeps going and going and going and not knowing where it is going to lead ape to. This is how ape describes his work.

Wurk wurk wurk... you sure ape is the right person to get this job done?

Never mind if others are doing their part. Never mind if the "higher ups" are even aware of what's going on. Never mind if those monkeys know what they are asking. More importantly, is ape is doing enough? Has ape put in his best effort? Is ape's "best effort" good enough?

Wurk wurk wurk... please tell ape what is he doing this for?

Perhaps ape is not tough. Perhaps ape is lumbering and blundering. Perhaps ape is taking too much upon himself. How nice it will be if ape could clone himself and observe his abilities (or lack of) as a third person or perhaps not, as it could mean two apes going around in circles... or performing in a circus.

Wurk wurk wurk... please tell ape how to multi-task when everything and anything are of high priority.

Maybe it is really time for ape to seriously look for greener pastures... if there ever is a greener pasture.

Wurk wurk wurk...