19 November 2009

Past, Present And Future

Actually, ape wanted to use the title of "Know The Past To Understand The Present So As To Plan For The Future" but that seemed a bit long so ape simply cut it short.

Also, to cut this potentially long post short, ape was immersed with this blog http://singaporegovt.blogspot.com for almost the whole night, reading through some of the events that lead to the Singapore that we know today. Ape came across this site because ape had wanted to find out more about this person called Lim Chin Siong. Ape came across this person called Lim Chin Siong because.... nevermind... long story short, ok?

Some years ago, Ape was very surprised when ape came to know that MM Lee became Singapore's PM when he was 35? Gosh! What the hell is ape doing at age 35?

Ape largi more surprised today when ape found out that Lim Chin Siong, at age 21, was already leader of workers, trade union and students. Got elected into legislative assembly a year later and yet another year later, represented PAP for constitutional talks in London. What was ape doing at age 21? Representing a friend to impress a girl for a date... damn.

Besides some history lessons (that are not found in school textbooks) that can be found in the blog mentioned, there's a whole lot more thought provoking matters discussed there. Ape wanted to make that bog as one of the forest ape frequents only to realized that the blog seems to have stopped since 2007... sigh.