04 September 2007

Introduction - Beginnings Of Kin Jio Leaf

In case you really wonder, what is Kin Jio Leaf? Who's the author? Where can I buy? Is it available in leading bookstore? When was it published? Who is the publisher?...

Well... it is just a blog, containing fictional stories, life account, rantings, views etc like any other blogs. If you notice any posts with the pretext Singapore Short Stories in it's title, well, it's all fictional. Although you might also note that I would normally start off with some facts. As soon as you see that According to the Kin Jio Leaf... don't use whatever that comes next to answer you school's history exams.

I have not decided on how I would eventually like the Kin Jio Leaf to be...perhaps I would like to talk about Singapore's social issues *shudder* or maybe politics *shiver* or socio-political issues *shudder and shiver* but like what a friend suggest, I think such issues is best left for coffee break talks.

Or perhaps, I might want to talk more about myself (narcissist!) or rather share my life experience as a normal, common, Singaporean growing up in Singapore.

Whatever the case, I continue to write ape stories for the time being.

P/S Singapore Short Stories are really ape stories - all fictional. Well, I think it's time to take a turn to more serious (and boring) blogging. (dtd 22 Oct 2007)