29 April 2011

Independence From Any Political Parties

Ape is never good with words and always have difficulties articulating his thoughts. So ape sometime resort to others who closely matches with what ape's thoughts are.

"As civil servants, we stay out of the fray but we work within the political realities"

This statement is quoted from THINK HAPPINESS. Ape is happy to know that there are some people who understands the difference between politicians and civil servants.

It's no surprise to ape that there are people who still think that civil service officers (or grassroots volunteers) will lose their job if PAP is voted out. Ape's reply to this to them is "Why worry if you are doing a good job? It's just a change of CEO."

22 April 2011

General Election 2011 - Vote For Who?

Your vote is secret and it is an offence (I think) to ask anyone who they voted for. However, it's not an offence for one to tell others, right?

Who will I vote for? I don't know since I've to wait for nomination day to determine if there is a walkover.

If I do get a chance to vote and to ask the potential candidates some questions, here's a list:-

1) Why did you want to stand for election?
2) Why did you choose this political party?
3) What will you do for the residents of this area?
4) What will you do for Singapore?
5) What is the one thing that the Singapore government must never compromise no matter what?

Perhaps some of these questions will be addressed during the rally or perhaps when the MP wannabe come round for the house-to-house visit. We'll see.

On a perhaps unrelated matter. Some of you might have read in an earlier post that ape is in the Residents Committee. I made it quite clear to my Chairman that I'll not be involved in any activity the moment GE is announced. That's why ape has some time to blog :p