23 November 2010

Mas Selamat Took Shelter With Brother's Family

In the Ministerial Statement by the Minister For Home Affairs (see here)

"Mas Selamat escaped from WRDC on 27 Feb 2008. Two days later, on 29 Feb 2008, he made his way to his brother Asmom’s home in Tampines to seek shelter and assistance from his grown-up niece, Nur Aini bte Asmom."

Ape finds it hard to believe that no surveillance has been placed on Mas Selamat's immediate family members.

When questioned by MPs in parliament (read here), the answer given by the Minister was that

"... taking into account his family members, which numbered more than a hundred, and with contacts they number many more. I don't want to go into details on what surveillance was done because they are really operational security matters and it is not in the interest of our country for us to disclose these matters." (TODAYonline)

Fine. No details on all the surveillance for security reasons. How about just revealing the surveillance on Asmon's (Mas Selamat's brother) family? Was there surveillance on him? Yes? No?

The Minister also mentioned that investigations were conducted on a few hundred people including Mas Selamat's extended family members. In particular, Asmom was interviewed by ISD on March 3, a few days after Asmom had given refuge to Mas Selamat in his home yet Asmon was able to keep his cool and did not reveal anything with regards to his harbouring of Mas Selamat. The investigation at that point did not warrant any further actions.

" ... you get the best results when you know some of the facts and you are able to corner the person. I had pointed out in my statement that the intelligence at that point in time did not warrant us to take any other view other than that what Asmom was saying was accurate." (TODAYonline)

Ape wonders what new evidence has surfaced that allows the investigation to corner Asmon and his family. Mas Selamat's own admission?