05 January 2010

Residents' Committee

Ape moved to a new place not too long ago. Ape joined the Residents' Committee (RC) there as an observer... for the time being. For those of you who wish to know a little bit about RC, a good start is to google or go here.

Before anyone jumps to any conclusion, ape's joining the RC is rather impromptu. It started with wifey enquiring about the lift upgrading program around the flat where ape stays and the possibility of elderly, disabled or pram friendly walkways from the MRT station ape's flat. Wifey was eventually connected to the CC and as sort of btw thingy, was invited to join the RC. Invitation was extended to spouse of wifey - that is ape :p

Ape was reluctant at first and still is. Reason being ape is not sure exactly how much commitment one has to put in. However, ape reasoned that one will never know until one starts participating actively, right? Furthermore, RC is run by volunteers which means there is really no obligations for the members to participate in each and every activity. So that resolve the first hesitation ape had.

The next worry is, how objective or nonpartisan is the RC? So far, after attending a couple of meetings and activities, ape has yet to see any die hard fans of the ruling party (or die hard fans of the opposition party for that matter). That's good. This is important because one of the functions of the RC is to liase with and make recommendations to the governmental authorities on the needs and aspirations of the residents. So regardless of who seats in the ministry, RC has to work closely with them.

So far the experience with RC is not particularly exciting but then again, it's too early to tell as ape is not only very new to this particular RC, ape is very new in this estate. As mentioned before, ape is still an observer so ape shall continue to observe :=)

What is ape's objective in joining RC then? The reason is simple. Life is not simply about work work and more work. Ape wanted to get involved in some activities that allows ape to has more "visuals" about what is really going on around ape. What better way than to start getting involved with matters that surround the place where ape stays?