05 November 2007

Day and Night

Day and Night are as natural as Sun and Moon

While dawn signals the start of day and end of night
Dusk announces the beginning of night and end of day

Some enjoy the warmth from the sun
Other appreciates the tranquility of the moon

In day, we see the forever changing clouds
At night, we visualize the permanent constellations

Day shows us the colours of the mountains and flowers
Night gives us the sounds of waves and crickets

Day and Night are as natural as Sun and Moon
Why should we welcome one with open arms and shun the other


ras said...

Frog thread kena locked for chatting, can we come here and chat? :lol

khirsah said...

Can la... if it pleases you

The Frog Prince said...

Another week is going to pass.
Remember what we have done.
Everything is going to be alright.
Thinking and planning for better.

Friends are everywhere.
Until the end of our life.
Cannot say never.
Knowing each other more everyday.

Occasionally a gathering.
Off different variety of food.
Follow by desserts at the end :)

Sorry. Just read the first alphabet of each sentence.