28 April 2009

Stay Alert and Be Vigilant

If you've not read in the papers, stay alert and be vigilant of a flu pandemic. A new strain of the flu virus, commonly know as swine flu has spread to countries including USA, Mexico, Canada, Spain and Scotland as reported in Today Online.

In Singapore, efforts have been made to step up pre-cautionary measures (reported here and here) in order to prevent a recurrence of tragedy when Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) hit us back in year 2003.

Ape was in the airport on Sunday and apparently, Changi Airport wasted no time in rolling out the temperature screening machines that were used during the SARS outbreak to detect for any signs of fever of its passengers. Ape supposed the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority will be particularly observant of passengers arriving from America and Europe.

Just yesterday, at ape's workplace, we were told to take out our business continuity plan and go through them... just in case Alert Level has been raised to Orange.

Just this morning, when ape returned to my NS unit for medical checks, the public announcement system called for all medics to assemble for morning brief. One out of the two medics who attended to ape left for the brief and returned to update his buddy on the precautionary measures to be taken. Just before ape left the medical centre, tables were placed outside the rooms... presumably to prepare for "pre-screening" before letting visitors into the centre itself.

As of now, while ape is writing this, CNA on TV says that the Alert Level has been raised to Yellow.

Keep yourself updated on the news and development and stay alert for any signs of flu. Take care everyone... for yourself and your family. Ape has to find his masks and personal thermometer. Ape wonders if there's anymore masks or thermometer in the pharmacy below.

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