08 April 2008

Ha! I Found The Prince

Just found out that the Frog Prince is still in town and not in Paris as he claims!

He's been stalking my children! :p

No la, actually he really is out of town. I was just having a bit of fun with my mobile phone with camera features. It came as a surprise that under the Frame facility, Frog Prince actually made it into the features. Can't help it but to capture a couple of shots with it. Kinda cool, don't ya think?


Smartphone said...

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The Frog Prince said...

Ahh our Ape has a new friend... :P
Mr Ape, froggy is back lah! How are you and Mrs Ape and the 2 chimps... kekekeke... Thanks leh.. i signed a contract with phone companies and they want me to be in their profile.. kekeke.
The frog prince must be so famous now.... *cry of touch*....

Kekeke.. whow Tate is so big now? Soooo loveable pair of eyes! Looks yummy!

khirsah said...

Hi hi FP. Glad to hear you're back. Got you a tissue box cover. Will pass to you when we meet.

Saw Tate's eyes? Can you sense that "Dare you to eat me!" look? :p

BTW, I've no idea who's this "Smartphone" fella... could be a spammer

The Frog Prince said...

Ahh hehehe.. tanks Mr Ape.. ahh i mean THANKS! I couldn't wait to see my tissue box!! So whenever froggy does anything that requires tissues *evil grin*, froggy will think of Mr Ape.. hahahaha *kidding*

Yes.. suddenly froggy see the new addons! How come Tate's crown bigger than mine har! Thats not very good!

khirsah said...

The crown? Oh... one head is bigger than the other so naturally Tate's crown is bigger than yours lor... hehehe