29 March 2008

Feeling So Guilty

Not too long ago, I just passed my Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT). Before that, I was thinking about keeping physically fit, not just for the yearly IPPT but also for my health's sake... thinking, like I did every year. True enough, I thought a lot about keeping fit for the last week or so but hardly did any exercise (if you consider a stroll in the park to be exercise in the first place). Not only that, I pampered myself with these:

Got both of these and quite a few other dishes at Chomp Chomp in Serangoon Gardens a couple fo days ago. The crab soup was delicious and guaranteed with roes at less than $10. Arrghhhh.... the cholesterol!!! Anyway, got quite guilty over it so the very next day, I headed straight to the gym for some workout.

I was quite surprised with myself when I managed to pull 4 STANDARD chin-ups... enough to pass my IPPT :p and even more surpising was that I managed to clock a better timing than my RT-IPPT when I attempted the 2.4km run on a threadmill. Ok, ok,,, these achievements are nothing to brag about but it is still my personal best sinc the last 4-5 years. Hmmmm... was it the crab soup? Anyway, I told myself to maintain this standard for at least a year and not only will I be able to pass my IPPT next year, I can even get a Silver Award!... or should I aim for a Gold Award? :p


ras said...

Go eat nice food, bi jio!!! :P

khirsah said...

Special day mah... you want to be light bulb meh? It was Mr and Mrs Ape's wedding anniversary... so bo jio lor :p

ras said...

Jio the whole group down to celebrate with you, lor.

Anyway, Happy belated wedding anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

like going chomp chomp got no light bulb.

wah, married for so many apes years liao.... HAPPY BELATED WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, also!

The Frog Prince said...

Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary!!! Mr and Mrs Ape!! And congratulations!! :) Woot!!