22 October 2008

Keep In Touch

OK, I've been lazy and not updating my blog frequently. Apologies to my handful of fans who still come in once in a while.

I joined one of the social networking website - Facebook. Actually, I joined quite some time ago and managed to connect to some of my friends I maintained contact anyway. However, in the last month or so, I found my primary school group in Facebook. Little did I expect that a simple class photo could get me connected with several primary school friends. We have been actively updating with each other. Almost everyone (including myself) will respond to a friend invite with "Wow!" or "Amazing!".

A lot of reminiscence... a lot of nostalgia.


The Frog Prince said...

Whow! I put up my Primary school class photo and i only managed to find one friend there.
I've lost contact with almost all of them! I can still remember their names though, vaguely, almost all lah.. hahaha.

Hopefully can get in contact with some of them again.

khirsah said...

It takes a little bit of time... I cheated a bit though. I actually found a couple in facebook first but the photo sort of attracted the rest of those with facebook acct.