21 October 2008

There's A Part For Everyone

Regardless of what the rating may be, I'd say Nation Builders is a very good film to remind us that there will always be people out there who needs help... no matter how well a nation develops or progresses economically. Never, ever leave them (the elderlies) behind because someday, all of us will get old, economically unproductive and possibly a liability to people around us.

Some may think that the destitute have only themselves to blame... so not working hard enough when they had the chance. Is this the case for every single one of them? Perhaps not. They could have been mislead. They could have been ignorant about economics and poor in understanding financial planning. They could have little or no education to start off with. So, I urge everyone, please don't leave them behind. There are many simple ways to help them such as buying tissue paper from them, give you unused card boxes to them or simply give them a token of appreciation for their singing or do what Think Happiness suggested.

We reap what we sow.

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