08 January 2009

New Name?

Ape must be suffering from identity crisis.

In my previous post, ape wasn't quite certain about where he is going with this blog but at least ape decided to change his name now and simply call himself... Ape... until identity crisis resurface :p

Previously, the name khirsah was used but seemed to cause quite a bit of confusion. (and more letters to type) "Khirsah" is unique but not original. It's actually the name of a dragon taken from a fantasy story book series called Dragonlance. Not many people are familiar with this name and some thought that I'm an Indian, perhaps of it's similiarity to Krishna. I'm not an Indian and I have nothing against Indians. I'm just an ape.

Some of those who know me through CNA forum called me M. K or Master K... nope, I'm not a Master in Karate or master in anything. It's just that I started my story telling there and one of them relate me to the late Master Lee Dai Sor, a well known Redifussion story teller. A shoe too big to fill.

Finally, ape decided to settle for Ape because Ape is simple. Ape loves peanuts, go Ooh ooh and Ape is simply ape.

P/S Ooh, ooh, Ape still dream of retiring by setting up a simple stall by the Singapore River and tell stories to entertain interested listeners and you only need to pay him peanuts.

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