06 January 2009

New Year, New Look, New Erm...Uncertainties

It's 6 days into the year 2009. Ape kinda late in posting this but better late than never. Did I mentioned there's a new look in this blog? Oh, I did... getting forgetful these days :p

There'll be a lot of uncertainties this year - uncertain about the job security, property value, investment, general election, breakfast/lunch/dinner etc. Ape is, too... every year, in fact. In addition to these, ape wonders what he should do with this blog.

Ape is uncertain where he is heading here. Previously, ape mentioned the intent to start this blog was to rave about my misery. But when ape actually do get started, happier oreadi, so started talking cock ape stories instead. Then ape considered going into something more serious and finally decided to talk about growing up and avoid social-political matters... but never really got into doing so because social-political matters got very interesting... especially in year 2008. Yet, the ape a bit kiasi (ape still is but sometimes cannot tahan and start ranting).

So... there's no evolution, no changes. Ape will still be as is... turn wild occassionally and behave most of the time and silly all the time. In other words, ape will continue to talk ape and cover any topics that comes to mind.

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