30 September 2008

JB Jeyaretnam - He Never Give Up

Veteran opposition politician Mr JB Jeyaretnam dies of heart failure at about 1:30am on Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008. (read here). You can find out a lot ore about this man from the internet.

As a relatively young ape who start to tune in to Singapore's political scene, I've heard quite a bit about him (in the past) but never really seen him in action. Anecdotal evidence (coffeeshop and taxi driver talks) showed that he was a man who perservered and convicted to his cause. He was sued to bankruptcy but that did not deter him from going back into politics. When he was discharged from backruptcy and formed a new politcal party earlier this year called Reform Party, I was like

"oh great! NOW, I can see this man in action. Let's see how he'll stand up to the ruling party in the next GE."

Shortly after the inaugural dinner of the Reform Party, he took steps to continue his relentless pursuits (seen here and here) with regards to the Jurong GRC by-election.

I'm sad to see such a man, who against all odds stays true to his belief, depart from us.

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