10 September 2008

Congratulations Team Singapore

I had actually wanted to post this much earlier and before I can complete what I started... the dampening announcement and followed by well... anyway,let's move on or in this case, move back.

The last Singapore got an Olympic medal (silver in weight lifting) was back in 1950 by Tan Howe Liang. Before I go on, please don't forget this man. I'll come back to him later.

In this 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing, the Singapore Women's table tennis team won another silver medal. In spite of what some may say about the paddlers being foreign imports, I feel proud for them, especially Li Jiawei who has been living and training in Singapore since 1995 and representing Singapore for more than 10 years!

Well done ladies!

But I hope they don't stop there and continue to push themselves further, like the true sportsman, Tan Howe Liang.

Personally, I feel that Tan Howe Liang deserves more credit than is due to him. He worked as a clerk and a mechanic to finance his own training and expenses. He wasn't there for the citizenship or for the prize money. He made a commitment to his father that he would be the strongest man and fulfilled his promise. Conviction was what brought him there.

Sports, like most other pursuits should not be simply about winning a medal or getting a certification. We should pursue our own dreams and not medals and certificates because medals and certificates are nothing more than a "tick boxes" in the long long list of life.


Rachel said...

Thank you for the link, despite a differing opinion.

However, like you, I fervently hope that the ladies will not only strive on, but also stay on to share with our future athletics.

Tan Howe Liang was a true sportsman who pursued his interest and passion with much hardship and determination. There is much to emulate from this man.

Lastly, I totally agree that sports should not be all about winning. The end should not justify the means.

khirsah said...

Hi Rachel,

Glad that to know that you don't mind the link.

Sharing of differences... and similarities in opinions is what makes us humans, right?

erm... but I'm an ape?!?!