16 September 2008

More Than Just Medals

If I am proud of the Singapore paddlers, I'm more proud (pardon my poor vocab) of Yip Ping Siew and Laurentia Tan. Pin Siew (swimming) and Laurentia (equestrian) are two of the six athletes representing Singapore for the Paralympic 2008. The other four athletes are Ting Chee Keong Eric (athletics), Lim Kok Liang Desiree and Tan Wei Qiang Jovin (sailing) and Theresa Goh (swimming).

Pin Siew won a gold and silver medal for swimming....
Laurentia won two bronze medal for equestrian.

Just their names alone sound soooo heartlander Singaporean.

I tried to google their names and hardly find any information on the web relating to their background except Laurentia. These people give me great motivation to better myself and are living prove of mind over matters... or perhaps in the case of Laurentia who suffered from cerebral palsy, more than just mind... faith is equally important too.

Congratulations to all of you! You've done us proud!

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