30 September 2008

Some Dreams Can Never Be Fulfilled, Can They?

Don't be mistaken. I'm not in this particular video neither am I related to these musicians... except I played the same musical piece back in my school days.

Those were the days. Those were one of the proudest moments of my life. Thinking of such moments makes me sigh. Listening to musical pieces like these, overtures that I had played before, almost make me cry. It is such a pity that more than a decade of music passion has gone to dust to be replaced by mundane rat-race. Hope the next generation gets more opportunities to develope their potential and not be moulded to whatever field the state wants them.


Gecko said...

Oooo, da ape was also in da school band? Little gecko in da band too playing da flute. Wad instrument does da ape play?? :)

khirsah said...

gecko plays flute?!?!
ape plays trumpet, trombone and bass... multitasks lah...
but then hor...long time no play... all returned to school